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Diamonds are (Not Always) Forever

Everyone knows that "Diamonds are forever", right?

But today, (14 December 2018) is International “Lost and Found Day” so we have chosen the beautiful diamond as  our "Gem of the Day"!

Why? Because, diamonds, a symbol of love and commitment, are a popular choice in wedding bands. And, perhaps surprisingly, wedding rings are one of the most commonly lost jewellery items.

Did you know that Pinterest has a Board with over 600 pins just on jewellery lost and found in the UK!

Did you know that 1 in 4 men are likely to lose their wedding ring! And only 1 in 100 women do!   And one of the most common places to lose a ring is down the drain!  

There are some fantastic stories out there about lost rings being reunited with their owners, like the newly engaged couple English couple in New York who lost their engagement down a drain in Times Square and had to return to the UK without it. It was recovered by the NYPD and returned to them after a social media search to find them!

Then there is the $23,000 diamond ring which was accidentally sold by an unsuspecting husband for $5! And subsequently returned through a series of fortunate events.

Another "popular" place to lose your diamond ring is at the ocean!  When your fingers are cold, they shrink, allowing that comfortably fitting ring to simply slide off into the depths, possibly never to be seen again!

The good news is, their are people out there who can help you with that too!  Metal detectors are great for finding coins and jewellery, and precious rings are one of the items most commonly recovered  from the beach!

So diamonds are tricky little fellows, but they are resilient too!

Diamonds are one of the hardest natural crystal known to man.

They are a symbol of wealth, a relationship bonder, and an enhancer of love.

A Diamond is also one of the few stones that does not need to be energetically recharged.

Diamonds are natural energy amplifiers, as well as an excellent Electromagnetic Energy blocker, a great abundance manifestor and creativity and imagination enhancer.

Oh, and don't forget - Diamonds are also a girls best friend!

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