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Connecting to Creativity!

Spring is here.  The season of rejuvenation and growth.  And what better time to create something new than the start of Spring.

But what if you are one of those people who are “not artistic"?  You are not alone.

Have you ever said or thought “I'm not creative.”?  I "can't" write, paint, draw...

Many people have the mistaken belief they are not gifted, talented or creative, but this is simply just not true!

The dictionary definition of creative is “relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.”

As Seth Godin said - We're all born creative, it takes a little while to become afraid.”

Maybe you "used to be creative" but feel you have lost your creativity? Perhaps misplaced it in the mists of time, obscured by adulthood, wrapped in fear? Or are afraid to be creative because your skills "don't measure up." We are often so afraid of being judged as “not good enough” that we don't even bother to try any more. Or perhaps you think have outgrown creativity or are "just too old"?

The good news is we all have the capacity to be creative and to express that creativity in our own unique way. Whether it is through conventional channels like art, music, and writing, or less traditionally accepted means like conversation, ideas, innovations or inventions, food, business, drama, dance,  or any other form, the opportunities for creativity and the self-expression of that creativity are endless.

Crystal and Creativity

The hardest thing about being  creative is often just getting started.  Overcoming the inertia, the fear of the blank page or canvas or just knowing where to start.  Sometimes the best way is to (in the words of Nike) "Just Do It!"

If you are feeling uncertain about how to begin channeling your inner creativity, there are many crystals that can be harnessed to  help you find your way. 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.  And to make it even easier, we've paired them with a creative activity to help you get into action. 

Crystal Ideas and Creativity Pairings

Pyrite - Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold) energizes the area surrounding it, allowing for the easy flow of creative energy. Place it in your workspace and watch the energy flow!

Play your favorite music. Move your body to the music. Close your eyes and let your imagination take you away.

Fluorite - Focuses the mind and encourages organized thinking.

Look around your workspace and see what needs de-cluttering. Clearing your environment of clutter makes space for creativity.

Calcite - An energizing stone. It promotes motivation, stimulates insights and encourages the user to transform ideas into actions and outcomes.

Consider one idea or thought that you have had. Imagine what steps you would need to take to take it to its conclusion.

Citrine - A highly creative stone that ignites creativity and self-expression.

Find a blank piece of paper and your favourite pen and write. This is the essence of self-expression at its most basic.

Jasper  - Stimulates  the imagination and transforms ideas into action. 

Imagine; Transform; Idea; Action; : Consider each of these words. What action are you inspired to take to transform your idea into actuality, to create?

Are you feeling fired up yet? Get ready to get creative!

If you are feeling the urge to break out of your winter hibernation, now is the time!  Dust off the cobwebs, break out the paintbox, dig out the garden tools, or fire up the laptop and get creating!

So what will you create today? A painting, a story, a mousetrap, a memory? Whatever it is, have fun doing it. And be sure to share it with us in the comments section below, if you would like. We would love to see your creativity in action!

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Images: Courtesy Pixabay; Peaceful Mind