> Creativity and Intuition Ignition Kit
Creativity and Intuition Ignition Kit

A meditation and connection tool for creativity and intuitive spark!

Strongly suggested for people who tackle large conceptual ideas in business, the arts, or education and for those who want to enhance their creativity or  access their intuitive energies.

The stimulation of the mind can be enhanced by using pyrite in conjunction with fluorite and calcite.  These stones, together, help to balance creative energy with intuitive impulse and enhances communication skills.

Pyrite represents the sun’s golden energy, bringing positive energy and igniting potential.

Orange Calcite brings the warmth and glow of the sun in a stone that helps with communication.

Rainbow Fluorite tunes in with the heart  - the source of our intuition and creativity.

Black Tourmaline is the grounding stabilizing force that brings all these power stones together.

This is an exceptional kit for meditation or for your Sacred space!


This kit includes:

Orange Calcite: A stone that helps with communication

Rainbow Fluorite: Tunes in with the heart and captures energies of  Universal powers

Pyrite: Boosts  self-worth, confidence and trust bringing positive energy, igniting our creative potential, and helping to overcome inertia.

Black Tourmaline: A grounding stabilizing  stone that opens communication skills, help to balances creative energy with intuitive impulses and  brings the forces of these power stones together.

Comes with an organza bag for storage.

Includes information on the metaphysical and healing properties of each stone, care and cleaning. BONUS: Group meditation for boosting creative spark and using intuition.