“Belief in the supernatural properties of precious stones goes back beyond recorded history.” Maria Leach – Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend

Steeped in folklore, mystery, and tradition, crystals and gemstones have been around for millions of years.

Used in ancient rites, rituals and traditions throughout history, modern science generally pooh-poohs the idea that crystals and gemstones have any scientific merit when it comes to healing, balancing and harmonising aspects of our lives.

Sought after and revered through the ages, crystals and gemstones today have largely been reduced to nothing more than pretty objects, worth little more than their commodity value or their prettiness as ornamental decoration or a piece of jewellery.

Yet, according to scientific law, “energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another”. And gemstones and crystals are formed by nature over aeons of time, by absorbing and transforming the energies and natural raw materials of the earth.

For years science (and our own senses) taught us that matter was solid and “real”. Yet “recent” scientific knowledge accepts that “Everything in life is vibration” (Albert Einstein). What we see and feel as solid matter is merely energy vibrating at a much lower and slower rate than liquids or gases..

So is it possible that science may be wrong about the energies of crystals and gems? Is it possible that these little (and not so little) miracles of nature could be more powerful than we imagine?

Until recently, tapping into the “powers” and properties of gemstones in everyday life was pretty much considered New Age, “Woowoo” and without realistic, physical, or logical foundation.

Today there is growing evidence to support the idea that crystals and gemstones may indeed have many beneficial, life-enhancing energies which can be harnessed to improve our life.

If you are a sceptic, consider this: If you have you ever used a cellphone, listened to a radio, worked on a computer, or worn a digital watch, you have benefited from the harnessed energy vibrations of crystal or silicon. Crystal quartz can now be used to store information for 300 million years!

Have you ever made a crystal wine glass “sing”? Then you have demonstrated the vibrational frequency of crystals.

Other stones have magnetic, conductive, or energising qualities, all of which can be tuned to frequencies and harnessed in guiding, directing, harmonising and balancing the energies in our life.

There is growing evidence to support the link between the physical and metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones and, although science is not wholly on board with the there is an ever growing group of converts.

At the very least, even without solid scientific support and proof, there is always the undeniable power of the placebo effect.

In other words, if you believe in the beneficial properties of gemstones and crystals to enhance and support your life, then that belief, in conjunction with your chosen stones will indeed have a positive impact on the areas of your life you are hoping to improve.

So, what's stopping you from beginning your journey with crystals and gemstones?

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